Thursday 2 August 2012

Free hand and dreadknight wip

So last night I had my first attempt at freehand after the masterclass. It was a U for an Ultramarine terminator shoulder pad. Nothing too taxing but I am really pleased at the results. The U is not quite symmetrical but its not bad for a first attempt. I used the dot plot technique to lay out the shape. I then painted a thin line joining the dots and expanded the line from there. I shaded and highlighted the base coat and outlined the whole thing is white. I had a much clearer image in my head about how I wanted this to look, which is why I think it turned out better than the wizards cloak.
Anyway here is a picture of the shoulder pad and then the front of the figure. 

The second half of this blog will be a summary of the work I did to magnetise the psycannon and gattling psilencer.

I drilled a hole for a magnet in the front of the casing and in each of the barrel subassemblies, which can be seen in the picture below. The back section of the psilencer clipped on securely but I had to put a magnet on for the psycannon, again it can be seen in the picture.

As a psilencer 
As a psycannon

Thanks for reading. Next up will be a Forge World figure I painted a few years ago.

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