Wednesday, 27 June 2012

First post

Hi, this is my first blog that I have ever done, so please be kind. I will predominantly be talking about painting toy soldiers from a variety of companies and genres. 

As a wee introduction I have been painting and playing tabletop wargames for over 20 years now and over that time I have collected many armies for a few different games (mostly GW games to be fair). I am currently working on a Skaven and Ogre army for Warhammer, a Chaos Marine with Daemon allies ;) for 40k and a British and a German army for Flames of War.

I am a hobby butterfly! I am going to admit that right now. I jump from project to project like frog on steroids! Most of the posts on this blog will be extremely random as my attention is pulled in first one direction then another.

I will be posting painting guides that I have found to be useful and pictures of WIP and finished figures that I have painted, hopefully on a regular basis.

As the title of my blog suggest I am a fan of the Howling Griffon Space Marine chapter from Warhammer 40k. So here is a, fairly rubbish to be honest, picture of them. (I will be posting better pictures that I have on my computer at home at a later date). I entered these in the UK Golden Daemon last year received a finalist pin, which was a pleasant surprise.

The second picture for today is an Orge Thundertusk. I went to the Forge World Masterclass back in February where Mark and Phil taught some great techniques to make the most of each of your painting sessions. The techniques such as painting fur, leather, stone and skin were all put to use on this figure and a Stonehorn that I have not quite finished yet (I got distracted).

To end this first post I am going to announce that I will be documenting my progress through the building and painting of a Chaos Reaver Titan from Forge World that I started just last night. At the moment all I have done is tidy up a few of the pieces for one of the legs (exciting I know). One small note, that may be interesting, I am not going to wash the pieces in soapy water but I am going to spray the completed sub-assemblies with varnish before spraying it black. This seals the release agent and gives the black spray a prepared surface to adhere to. I have done this for the Brood Horror and it seems to work. More to follow including pictures of the finished sub-assemblies hopefully soon.

Thanks for reading

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